Life changing moment

Our lives are filled with moments that can define or drastically change us. This can be for better or worse, yet always important. Moments such as these should be remembered from time to time to remind us who we are.

A specific instance that sticks out in my mind occurred last Easter. For the most part, it was a typical Easter with a morning at church followed by a delicious ham dinner at my house with my immediate family and my aunt and uncle. We enjoyed our food, and my uncle and dad celebrated with some beer since my uncle had given up drinking for Lent, as he does every year.

Right after eating, my mom asked if I would like to go with her to see a memorial for my friend. His name was Ryan, and I had worked with him for a few years now. The week before he had lost control of his vehicle, hitting a tree. I got shivers down my spine when I heard this news and this all too familiar feeling returned the moment that I saw a picture of him against the large pine tree.

This moment changed my outlook drastically. It made me realize that lives can be taken in an instant. Ryan wasn’t even a very close friend, more of an acquaintance, but I still knew him and this had an impact on me and my view of my life.  Moments such these are undesired, but definitely necessary to provoke important realizations within our own lives.


About Matthew Collamer

22 years young. Adventure enthusiast. Aspiring travel videographer/filmmaker.

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