Finding Inspiration

Finding inspiration or motivation is something that can certainly be difficult. Writing is a perfect example of this constant struggle. With so many things whirling around in my head, it can be challenging to find time to sit down and gather my thoughts. Not to say that I don’t have free time almost every day, which I do. I’m a full-time college student at the moment, and I am not working so that leaves a wide gap of free time that I could be writing. This isn’t the case, as many times I have a few hours to kill, and I find myself doing other things altogether. These things may be necessary, but many times they’re not. I spend time listening to music, drinking, day-dreaming and fantasizing about the attractive women that my campus is teeming with. Most days, I am trying to figure out this chaotic, crazy world that we live in. I suppose being young leaves time for the mind to wonder or ponder all the questions of life that can leave us in a confused daze most of the time. As many older experienced folks say, enjoy your youth because before you know, it you’ll have real problems and a list of responsibilities like children..God forbid. This talk scares me, but spending the time and energy to fret over is a waste of these “precious”  years, now isn’t it?


About Matthew Collamer

22 years young. Adventure enthusiast. Aspiring travel videographer/filmmaker.

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