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Music is everything

Music. Beautiful, wonderful music. I’m sure I”m not alone in this, but music is such a crucial part of my life. I listen to it night, day, and at all times, always  causing me to think.  It stimulates a part of my brain that, at times, puts in a very philosophical mode forcing me to analyze life from an angle that I’ve  never viewed before. This facet of music really interests me and allows me to relate and  sympathize or empathize with the particular artist. In my eyes, what defines a quality musician or songwriter is their ability to convey a message that relates to other people  getting in touch with this person’s emotions reaching them in a way that helps them enjoy or endure their life. The best artists succeed in inspiring people to get through personal issues and to view the world in a positive way, despite struggles and obstacles present.

If someone has the rare talent and  ability to do this and continue to do this then there is no doubt in my mind that they will become successful. I enjoy a wide variety of music, from Frank Sinatra to Kanye West. I don’t really understand how some people keep their musical taste so narrow when there are countless types and genres out there to be heard and enjoyed. That’s like drinking the same kind of beer every time you drink. What are you thinking!? There’s so much out there to explore. Of course people have their favorite kind of music, but other genres still need to be acknowledged and respected. I for one, am really into rap and hip-hop music at this point in my life. I’m talking about good rap, not that garbage that seems to consume popular radio stations these days. I’m not sure what attracts me to rap music, but I don’t think it really matters why. I enjoy listening to the different beat styles and the rhymes constructed with so much care and intellect, well, this is case with good rappers.

One of my favorite rappers is J. Cole, who is currently in the midst widespread fame and popularity. His music is filled with emotion coupled with intellect and grade A wordplay. His second mixtape entitled “The Warm Up” might just be one of the  best I’ve ever heard. It is very inspirational and very revealing  of J. Cole as he touches upon his past struggles and his drive and passion to become a musician that people want to listen to. He did just that in this work and I recommend this tape to anyone, not just rap fans. It is pure gold. One of favorite songs is called “Hold it Down”, in which he reminisces about friends and girls that were part of his life in his past emphasizing that he will stand by them in the future if they do the same for him. It opens with the line, ” If my heart stop pumping tomorrow don’t feel sorrow cuz life is hard mentally and everything is meant to be.” This speaks to me and is a great way for a person to look at their life. This is highly recommened. You can download it here for FREE

The Warm up

Although rap is one of my favorites and is the genre that I listen to most often, this is by no means the only music I immerse myself in. I’m into alternative/rock, reggae, classical, rat pack, and the fairly new genre of dubstep. I encourage people to expand their musical taste and just be open to more in their  life in general. You’ll be surprised what you find. It can help you get through hardships and even intensify happy feelings and who wouldn’t want that? Listen to music every day.