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“At 27, I can t…

“At 27, I can talk to my parents and see that while they’ve done a lot of amazing things with their lives, there are still doubts and insecurities that they’re holding on to and trying to make sense of. Answers don’t come with age. Age provides perspective, but life wasn’t designed with a point at which it definitively gets easier.”- Jana Eleanor

This quote moves me. As a child and then an adolescent, it appears that older people (like my parents) have everything under control and mapped out. It turns out this is the furthest thing from reality. Funny how that works.

Just because someone is  50 years old doesn’t mean shit. Yes, they have more experience and wisdom than, say a 20-year-old, but insecurities and the unknown are still there..sitting in the dark, waiting to strike. This is not to say that a younger, inexperienced person should dismiss adnvice or knowledge thrust upon them from these “old geezers”. In fact, these words of wisdom should be acknowledged and sometimes even applied as we march onward into this thick jungle that is our lives.

The truth of the matter is that we’re on our own in deciphering this crazy world. Assistance is 100 percent worth listening to, but nobody has all the answers. Nobody ever will. That’s just the reality of it. All the philosophical talk and speculation don’t really amount to anything in the end. It’s just there as information that we can decide to believe or not believe..or maybe to assist us in creating our own version of reality. Yeah, that sounds good.



“If you want so…

“If you want something different in 2013, stop making excuses. Embrace the fact that your longing for something better means you are ready for change. You deserve it, you’re ready, and it’s time. – Kathy Caprino “

I came across this quote when I was reading an a Forbes article entitled “The 8 Most Damaging Excuses People Make For Their Unhappiness”, written by author Kathy Caprino. This article really spoke to me. Everything  about that this quote makes me think and realize that we as individuals are responsible for our own lives and people that makes excuses are just getting in the way of their own happiness and ultimately holding themselves back from their full and uninhibited potential.